Do you think you could be a conduit of happiness in 2023?
This is our first message to you for the year and I’m so excited to share this with you because what you’re about to hear (and learn) is a big part of what we’re working on this year.
We all have to opportunity to positively influence not only ourselves but the ones we love AND
I love the idea that we can all be conduits, channels bringing people together in the name of happiness and positivity. And this is how my friend and Positive Prime Author Susan Flerchinger describes herself, alongside her deep connection to the angels who guide her.
As a best-selling author, energy healer, transformational coach, Susan is an amazing woman, with so many beautiful insights on how we all have the power to uncover our intuition and connect directly to source you will be blown away by this conversation. 
Click here to listen to our amazing podcast conversation with Susan.
We traverse the world of gratitude and the importance of asking great questions to bring the worlds we desire into focus. And Susan has some great practices that feature in her best-selling children’s book ‘Thank You Angels’.You can also road test her Positive Prime Session ‘Becoming your magnificent self’ on the same page.

 Click here, you won’t regret it.
With positivity and gratitude,
image Kim Serafini
Chief Gratitude Officer &
Founder of Positive Prime