Take Inspired Actions

to Uplevel Your Business

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,

“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,

plans to give you hope and a future.” 

Jeremiah 29:11

We are so excited to meet you! In the SOAR Circle, you’ll find a nurturing environment where you’ll be uplifted and supported every step of the way. Here’s what you can expect:”

Divine Inspiration Flows

Divine inspiration is invited and flows abundantly, nourishing our spirits and guiding us on our journey.

Spotlighting Your Brilliance

We illuminate the brilliance within each of us, recognizing and celebrating the unique gifts and talents that define our essence.

Boldly Step Into Your Soul’s Calling

We encourage and support each other to boldly step into the sacred path of our soul’s calling, embracing our purpose with courage, confidence, and conviction.

Do you feel the nudges of your soul yearning for more meaning, more joy, more fulfillment, but feel stuck?

Do you know you should feel grateful and happy with everything you have, but something is missing?

Why wait?  Become part of a community of cheerleaders and champions who nurture and celebrate your dreams, goals, and aspirations so that you can soar into the life you were formed for.

Join the SOAR Circle and unlock a treasure trove of benefits tailored to fuel your personal and professional growth.


Empowerment is at your fingertips, with tools, resources, and inspiration to help you connect with the divine and steer towards positive change.

Through goal setting and guided discussions, you’ll align your actions with your true purpose, fostering entreprenurial growth and divine flow.

And it doesn’t end there – our circle nourishes your spirit, deepens your faith, and connects you with a community of like-minded individuals who share your values and ambitions.

You are not alone!

Let us help you soar!

Your SOAR Facilitators

Susan Flerchinger & Pauline Victoria

Pauline and Susan both have firsthand knowledge and experience of what it looks like when we partner with God in every aspect of life. We are honored to share our gifts, energy, and process to support you on your journey to greatness.

As a Vibrant Energy Engineer, Susan Flerchinger brings her energy healing gifts and divinely guided messages to empower heart-centered visionaries to be free of pain and ignite vibrant energy so that they can live a thriving, joyful, active, impactful life. 

Inspirational Through Leader and Courage Coach, Pauline Victoria desires to help you live a life of victory. She draws from her experiences and perspective as a woman born without arms and legs and applies them to help entrepreneurs identify and breakthrough what is really stopping them from achieving their goals.

Through empowering and transformational connections with Pauline and Susan, you will be inspired to step into your gifts and fulfill your God designed purpose.

Who This Is For

The SOAR Circle invites those who are ready to step confidently into their divinely appointed purpose and value fun, fulfillment, and fellowship.

Our members are individuals who feel a stirring within their souls, a calling to live a life of meaning, passion, and significance. You might be a professional seeking to align your career with your spiritual values, an entrepreneur yearning to infuse your business with purpose, or a visionary eager to discover your unique path in life. Whoever you are, if you’re ready to harness the courage necessary to unleash your full potential, the SOAR Circle is for you.

We understand that life is not just about achieving success by society’s standards, but about living in alignment with our true calling and divine purpose. We are all willing to do the inner work necessary to overcome obstacles, break free from limitations, and soar to new heights of fulfillment and joy.

Join us on this sacred joyful journey of self-discovery, transformation, and divine purpose. Together, let’s create a life that truly reflects the beauty and brilliance of our souls.

Here’s What You’ll Get

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month the SOAR Circle will meet for 90 minutes at 3 pm PT | 6 pm ET to propel you towards your soul’s calling, empowering you to continually reach new heights of business growth and fulfillment.

Entreprenurial Growth and Empowerment

Through guided discussions, teachings, and activities, you will experience business growth and increased alignment with God’s hand in your business that will empower you to take control of your life and take inspired actions.

Spiritual Nourishment

SOAR circle offers discussions and practices that help deepen your faith and spirituality so that you can soar towards the life that you were formed for.

Fun and Fellowship

Multiple times a month, build strong bonds with a community who shares similar goals and values.  Be inspired and motivated by one another to stay committed to your soul calling.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Work towards meaningful life goals that align with your true purpose and find accountability partners within the circle to help each other stay on track with your life design goals.

Confidence, Clarity, and Courage

Discover and implement strategies that nurture your faith-inspired entrepreneurial growth. Through this process, gain clarity and a deeper understanding of strengths and capabilities, fostering increased self-confidence and courage as you align your faith with your entrepreneurial pursuits.

In the depths of your being… 

You sense a stirring, a yearning for something more. The SOAR Circle invites you to explore that longing, to dive deep into the essence of who you are and uncover the treasures hidden within. What is holding you back from saying YES to the calling that God has placed on your heart?

  The Time Is Now

Each soul holds unique gifts and a divine purpose waiting to be discovered and embraced. 

When individuals ignore this calling, they deprive themselves of fulfillment and dim the light that could illuminate the world. 

Our interconnectedness means that each journey of self-discovery has the power to inspire others and positively impact the collective. 

Let’s not delay the transformation and renewal our world urgently needs.

It’s time to heed the call of our souls, embracing authenticity and contributing our light to create positive change.

Join the SOAR Circle and embark on a sacred quest to fulfill the destiny that God has ordained for you. Here, you’ll find the guidance, support, and companionship you need to navigate the twists and turns of your business journey. Through prayer, reflection, and communion with kindred spirits, you’ll unlock the secrets of your soul and align your life with divine purpose.


Join the SOAR Circle Today! 

Lock in your first 6 months at a kick-off deal of only $235 


And receive a free ‘Spotlight Your Brilliance’ session ($500 value).

After 6 months you can continue month to month @47/mo 

OR Best value is another 6 months for $235 (=1 month free)

What if this is better than you can imagine?

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