Mark Your Calendar for June 20th @ 1 pm PT | 4 pm ET for a 4-hour transformational retreat!

Elevate Your Blueprint

Learn to anchor yourself in the present moment—swiftly and effectively—allowing you to step away from chaos and distractions. Construct your creations in the NOW, where divine flow is found.

Fortify Your Faith Foundations 🙏

Cultivate your intuitive guidance and gift of discernment to navigate your entrepreneurial path with unwavering faith and crystal-clear clarity. Build your decisions on a foundation of spiritual certainty that guides you through every business challenge.

Unlock Heavenly Support🗝️

Tap into the hidden reserves and angelic realms that are waiting to elevate your business. Discover divine resources and celestial blueprints that hold the key to unlocking profound success and spiritual wealth.

Reveal Divine Blueprints 🕊️

Expand your perspective to embrace the possibility of God working through you, laying down a faith-filled foundation that guides your business toward extraordinary achievements. Build your enterprise on the bedrock of divine potential.


Are you ready to align your business with divine guidance for lasting success?

Have you ever felt the call to deepen your spiritual connection so that you can embrace the infinite possibilities of God working through you in your business?

Are you seeking clarity, confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose to propel your entrepreneurial journey to new heights?


Welcome to Divine Business Blueprint Retreat,

 where we guide you to elevate your mind, immerse yourself in the present moment, and actively connect with the divine to shape your business with a strong foundation of faith for success.


Discover how to make wise decisions with confidence by improving your ability to understand and trust your intuition. We’ll show you how to access hidden resources and divine support that will propel your business to new heights.


Imagine the possibilities when you allow God to guide your decisions and expand your business vision. Watch your business achieve remarkable growth and success through divine inspiration.


Don’t miss out on this transformative opportunity.

Secure your spot at the

Divine Business Blueprint:

Building A Foundation of Faith For Success

During this 4-hour Virtual Retreat, you’ll embark on a entreprenurial journey of self-discovery and spiritual connection like never before.

You are not alone!  Let us help you soar!

Your SOAR Facilitators

Susan Flerchinger & Pauline Victoria

Pauline and Susan have learned that God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called. We know that God brought us together and paired our gifts to fulfill the purposes that we have been created for. We are honored to share our gifts, energy and process to support you on your journey to greatness.

Pauline’s gifts enable her to be able to pull out the brilliance that God sees in us, which is truly a gift because that’s the brilliance that He uses to expand us to fulfill those bigger purposes.  Susan’s gifts identify what has caused our brilliance to be hidden or blocked, healing and setting those free so that you can utilize your gifts and step into your greatness.

Inspirational Thought Leader and Courage Coach, Pauline Victoria desires to help you live a life of victory. She draws from her experiences and perspective as a woman born without arms and legs and applies them to help entrepreneurs identify and breakthrough what is really stopping them from achieving their goals.

As a Vibrant Energy Engineer, Susan Flerchinger brings her energy healing gifts and divinely guided messages to empower heart-centered visionaries to be free of pain and ignite vibrant energy so they can live a thriving, joyful, active, impactful life.

Through intimate and transformational connections with Pauline and Susan and heavenly support, you will be inspired to step into your gifts and fulfill your God aligned purpose.


This Is For You

Are you ready to watch your business soar as you build it on a foundation of faith? At the Divine Business Blueprint virtual retreat, we guide you to build a business foundation that integrates presence, intuition, angelic support, and direct guidance from God.

Sarah’s New Beginning: Cultivating Presence and Intuition

Like Sarah, many budding entrepreneurs seek to align their business ventures with their spiritual life from the start. At our retreat, you’ll learn how to stay fully present and trust your intuition, creating a reliable foundation that aligns with your deepest values and divine insight. This approach ensures your business actions are inspired and impactful.

David’s Renewal: Connecting with Heavenly Support

David is looking to rejuvenate his existing business by deepening his spiritual connections. Here, you will discover how to tap into heavenly support such as angels, using these divine resources to infuse your business practices with wisdom and guidance. Realign your business with a renewed spiritual foundation that enhances your operations and decision-making.

Elena’s Growth: Receiving and Implementing Divine Guidance

Elena is committed to expanding her nonprofit while adhering to her spiritual mission. Participate in sessions that focus on how to receive and implement divine guidance effectively. Learn to expand your business under the watchful guidance of God, ensuring that every step forward is in harmony with your faith and spiritual goals.

I would highly recommend this retreat for anyone seeking to better align their will with God’s will. 

The SOAR process is so effective at reducing anxiety (or anything that is bothering you), opening yourself up, asking for help and receiving divine guidance.

I learned valuable tools and processes that I can use going forward to stay aligned with God’s plan for me. I am making a few changes to my daily prayer process utilizing the SOAR process too.

~ Bill

Results to Expect

* Safe, sacred space and community

* Learn to quickly step into the present and disconnect from the chaos and noise of a too busy life

* Unlock the power of transformative divine connection and dialogue

* Discover the divine within you and the angels that are ready to help 

* Experience the support of encouraging, uplifting, faith-led facilitators 

From Limitations to Boundless Potential

Experience a transformative journey that liberates you from feeling stuck and limited. Discover the tools to unlock your boundless potential and seize new opportunities. Receive messages and guidance from the Divine, empowering you to create the life you desire.

Serenity, Balance, & Clarity Amidst Chaos

Learn practical strategies to navigate the chaos of your busy life with grace and ease. Cultivate serenity, balance, and clarity, allowing you to thrive in any situation. Connect deeply with the Divine, receiving messages and guidance that provide strength and direction.

Embrace Direction, Purpose, & Profound Growth

Gain the confidence to make decisions aligned with your true path, knowing where your life is headed. Experience profound growth, fulfillment, and inner peace as you receive divine messages and insights that illuminate your journey.

The retreat was so amazing. I am truly a changed person in my path and growth with God, connecting with God in new ways, listening, and connecting with His angels and all the amazing things God does for us. I can SOAR!

~ Sharon

Here’s What You’ll Get

🌌 Welcome and Preparation

Step into the spiritual realm as we prepare our sacred space and set the stage for an immersive experience that goes beyond the limits of the everyday.

🧘‍♂️ Disconnect to Reconnect

You are invited to disconnect from the chaos of your busy life. Through guided meditation and visualization, quiet your mind, release stress, and create a sacred space for profound engagement with the Divine.

🔮 Strengthen Your Intuition

Embark on self-awareness activities that strengthen your intuition and lay the foundation for transformative communication with God and the Angels. Discover the divine within you and unlock the power of transformative dialogue.

😇 Connect with Angels

Learn the magnificent roles of angels and how to tap into these invaluable resources for clarity, guidance, and manifestation. The angels await your connection.

🌈 Receive Divine Guidance

Listen to the whispers of wisdom from the Divine. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of connecting with God’s guidance, offering clarity and direction for your unique journey.

✨ Divine Integration

Uncover your next steps on this journey of self-discovery and divine connection, equipped with the tools to soar your business success and embrace a life of unlimited potential.

Divine Business Blueprint:

Building a Foundation of Faith for Success


is ready for you!



Join us for this transformational virtual retreat

on Thursday June 20th at 1-5 pm PST (4-8 pm EST) 

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Unlock Your Potential with Divine Dialogue Guide

Elevate your journey with our spiritual awakening guides designed specifically for you. These resources serve as your roadmap to nurturing a deeper connection with God, fostering clarity, purpose, and resilience on your visionary path. Experience the transformative power of open conversations with the divine as you navigate the challenges and triumphs of personal and professional life. Embrace faith for more fulfillment, impact and success.