Make Money With God

Elevate Your Purpose & Profitability with Faith & Action

What if saying YES now propelled you into living the extraordinary life that God designed you for?

Embark on a soul-stirring journey with Pauline and Susan at the SOAR Retreat Program, a divine experience blending faith, business, and the enchanting splendor of the Big Island of Hawai’i.

If you’re a faith-driven entrepreneur, creator, or leader who feels stuck or plateaued in your business and you desire to unlock greater purpose and profitability, this retreat is calling you.

God wants to unleash blessings on your business. This retreat will give you the time and space to discover the power of divine inspir-action as it renews and revitalizes your messaging, marketing, and mindset. Get ready to soar with unwavering faith and an actionable plan by your side.


Susan Flerchinger & Pauline Victoria

SOAR Retreat Program Facilitators

Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and pleasing and perfect.

Romans 12:2

SOAR: Surrender. Open. Ask. Respond.

Surrender, Open, Ask, and Respond so that you can co-create work-life harmony, prosperity, fulfillment, joy, and purpose that align with your values.  You may have a good life now, but when you truly partner with God, your life becomes extraordinary and limitless to give and receive.

soar beach
soar beach

Discover & Embody Your Spiritual Gifts

Discover how God has uniquely wired you for his glory and service to others. We believe in the power of partnering with God in your business and personal life, allowing you to harness and practice your unique spiritual gifts for the greater good.

Do not neglect the gift that is in you … Meditate on these things, give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all.” (1 Timothy 4:14)

Encounter God & Yourself More Deeply

Even when we know we need to be still, it is hard to set aside that time and honor it. This retreat will give you the timeout and practices to prioritize time with God and life giving self-care.

soar beach
soar beach

Transformative Experiences

Our expert coaches will guide you through powerful conversations and experiences in a safe and sacred space that supports the integration of faith-based principles with practical business strategies. You’ll gain clarity on your vision, overcome limiting beliefs, and learn how to co-create your business and life with God, aligning with your faith-driven values.

Actualize Your Full Potential

The SOAR Retreat will provide space and structure for you to hear God’s voice more clearly. The mastermind, after the retreat, offers you the chance to step into your full potential by customizing and integrating your ‘Done with God‘ actionable plan.  This will propel you into a life of meaning, purpose, and abundance.

soar beach

Connections & Questions

All The Details

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Those who trust in the Lord will renew their strength.⁣ They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. ⁣They will walk and not faint.⁣

Isaiah 40:31

Divine Dialogue:

A Guide To Communicating With God

Experience a spiritual awakening like never before!

Imagine transforming your spiritual journey by learning how to communicate and receive guidance from the Almighty. This is your chance to unlock life-changing wisdom and elevate your soul’s growth.
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Your SOAR Facilitators

Susan & Pauline are the perfect combination to work with faith-driven entrepreneurs to co-create their personal & business life God’s way so that they have more fulfillment, prosperity, purpose, and joy.

As a Vibrant Energy Engineer, Susan Flerchinger brings her healing gifts to empower visionary entrepreneurs to heal their pain and ignite vibrant energy so they can elevate their business growth, enjoy active family life, and make a meaningful impact.

Pauline Victoria draws from her experiences and perspective as a women born without arms and legs and applies them to help entrepreneurs identify and breakthrough what is really stopping them from achieving their goals.

Both Susan and Pauline have firsthand knowledge of what it looks like when we partner with God in every aspect of their life and business.

Through their deepening relationship with the Divine, Susan and Pauline are excited to share the SOAR Framework and SOAR Programs so that faith-driven entrepreneurs can co-create work-life harmony, prosperity, fulfillment, joy, and purpose that align with their values.

SOAR into an Extraordinary Life God's Way


Throughout the entire SOAR framework, maintaining an open and receptive state of mind allows for a deeper connection with the divine and enables you to tap into the infinite wisdom and love that God represents. Conversations with God can provide comfort, clarity, and a sense of purpose, infusing the problem-solving process with spiritual guidance and alignment with higher principles.

Remember that conversations with God can take various forms, such as prayer, meditation, journaling, or simply quiet reflection. The key is to cultivate a deep and personal connection with the divine, allowing for a meaningful dialogue that enhances your problem-solving abilities and brings a sense of divine purpose to your actions.

SOAR Framework:

  • SURRENDER: Surrendering requires acknowledging one's limitations and submitting to divine guidance and will.
  • OPEN: Being open to God invites a transformative relationship that fosters a sense of purpose, meaning, and connection with the divine.
  • ASK: Asking God allows us to seek wisdom, find comfort, and experience a sense of purpose and direction on our spiritual journey.
  • RESPOND: Receiving from God allows for spiritual growth, fulfillment, and a deeper connection with the divine, as well as experiencing the abundance of God's love, grace, and blessings in one's life. Ask for support and guidance in implementing the chosen response, trusting that God's guidance will lead you towards the most optimal inspired outcome.

The SOAR Programs are transformative opportunities to truly partner with God and divinely be propelled into living the extraordinary life that God designed for you.

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